Here are some things I have made

Election website for Mecklenburg County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour using WordPress with a custom theme and a custom plugin I created.

Guild Manager app for the Arcadia Quest boardgame. The game normally uses pen & paper to track your guild through numerous play sessions so I decided it would be better to have a companion app. I am writing the API with Node.js, MongoDB, and Express and once I complete the API I will create the frontend using React.

NOTE: I do not leave this server running so if you want to check it out you will have to contact me and I can spin up the server instance.

Frontend Link

Portal for clients to make secure payments. I created this app with the Yii2 framework along with a custom extension that interacts directly with the Chase Paymentech API rather than using a third-party payment gateway.

Donation & Ecommerce platform I created using the Yii1 framework. Uses the same extension as above for payment resolution. This also has an API that our custom WordPress plugin connects to for the ecommerce portion.